Letter: City move means savings for taxpayer



City move means savings for taxpayer

Referring to the Aug. 24 story “End of an era at City Hall,” John Ecret, in his Aug. 28 letter, “Government reduced? No, not really,” expresses dismay that instead of meaning a move to smaller, more representative government, as the headline might imply, instead only describes City Hall’s move to a new building.

Ecret closes by saying that he’s “going back to just reading headlines.” Obviously, that’s all Ecret did in this case (read the headline); this story clearly describes a consolidation of Vancouver City Hall from five locations to one, improvement in operating efficiencies/communication, and an estimated savings of $1 million a year to Vancouver taxpayers. That translates to a more streamlined, accountable city government better positioned to represent its citizens. Kudos to all at City Hall who led this effort.

Bob and Marie Day