Letter: Be first party to offer compromise



I am a lifelong Republican. For the most part, I have been proud of my party affiliation, but recently it seems that the GOP has gone downhill. Right now I am especially upset with them over their inability to find a compromise position with the Democrats to seriously address the debt issues that have a stranglehold on us.

If we don’t fix our budgetary problems, the U.S. will go the way of Europe, lurching from one debt crisis to the next.

It seems as if the Republican Party no longer understands the meaning of “compromise” and when it’s necessary. I would prefer solving the crisis strictly with budget cuts, but with split control of Congress that is impossible and a true compromise must be reached. I challenge the Republicans to be true leaders and offer a deal that goes halfway with the Democrats; a deal containing $600 billion worth of tax increases alongside $600 billion in spending decreases.

With that kind of package on the table we’ll see if the Democrats are really interested in compromise. If they are, Congress could actually accomplish something good for the country.

Larry Froberg