Letter: Gas as energy source is cleaner



This is to dispute the Nov. 28 editorial, “Make use of scraps: Work done toward rejected biomass plant can fuel next, possibly successful proposal,” promoting biomass in the near future.

Biomass is as dirty as coal.

Biomass creates diesel soot trucking to plant, gas doesn’t. Biomass trucking creates traffic, gas doesn’t. Biomass chipping machines use diesel. Biomass creates particulate that is not filterable, gas doesn’t. Biomass creates more CO2 than gas. Biomass creates smog, gas doesn’t. Biomass is much more expensive than gas

Gas is cleaner than biomass.

There is no need for more electricity, the supply exceeds the demand. Biomass adds to the budget deficit as biomass producers get a government subsidy to produce a product we don’t need.

Don’t encourage corporate welfare.

Hall Simons