Letter: Technology takes a toll on jobs



America is failing. Every day we go further in debt, more jobs are lost, more homes are foreclosed, and our government can’t solve it. Why is this happening?

The answer lies with our dependence on technology. Technology has taken over, robbing thousands of middle-class jobs.

By depending on the Internet, email, and numerous electronic devices for shopping, banking, research, communication and more, we’ve deleted many jobs for the middle man, the working class. Postal service workers, small-business owners, travel agents and sales associates no longer are needed in large numbers because many of their products are sold online. Many Americans have turned to email and posting their info on Facebook, which in turn is revenue lost in stamps, pens, envelopes, etc.

We can’t blame the government or the rich folks for causing the recession. All of us, rich and poor, have fallen into using technology. It’s now our job to bring jobs back.

Start today by writing a letter on paper and sticking a stamp on your envelope. Mail some bills, visit your bank.

Bring your kids to the library to use books for research, pick up a newspaper, and stop by a coffee shop and meet people.

Marissa Lee