Letter: Judge conduct of other judges, too



Philip B. Scott, with his Dec. 3 letter, “Guess who’s coming to dinner?,” needs to do some fact-finding. He will find that liberal justices also attend and speak at various and sundry events.

Just one example of many: Justice Stephen Breyer might also be engaged in some “buzzworthy” activities. Breyer is scheduled to speak at a Dec. 11 event sponsored by Marc and Lori Kasowitz and the law firm Kasowitz, Benson, Torres, & Friedman LLP. According to OpenSecrets.org, Marc and Lori Kasowitz have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to public officials (including Harry Reid and Barack Obama) and PACs.

Meanwhile, the law firm represents Consumer Watchdog, a group that lists “Implementing Federal Health Reform” at the top of its issues page.

Perhaps Scott should warn us of the possibility that liberal Justice Breyer might rub shoulders with his hosts or someone in the audience who has an interest in the Obamacare litigation.

The point here is not that there’s anything wrong with the justices giving speeches, but rather that “the justices regularly engage in social, civic, and educational activities,” and that goes for both conservative and liberal leaning justices.

Scott’s letter is testimony to both the dishonesty of the liberal left and the credulousness of much of the mainstream media, including The Columbian.

Peter A. Conrad

Battle Ground