Talking Points: Tebow talk will continue




What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


Tim Tebow may have lost the game on Sunday, but he hasn’t lost the battle.

Rest assured, the Broncos’ 41-23 defeat at the hands of the Tom Bradys ... er ... Patriots, will only give more fodder for talking heads, blogs and the like this week.

It’s going to take more than just one loss to a good team to completely sack Tebow.


The Seahawks have two paths that will lead them to the playoffs.

This from Seattle Times writer Danny O’Neil:

1) The Lions lose both their remaining games, and Seattle wins its final two games. This is the most clear-cut path, and the most likely of all Seattle’s playoff scenarios. The other two possibilities are much more convoluted.

2) The Falcons lose their final two games ... and ... Chicago also wins its final two games to finish at 9-7. So in effect, Seattle needs to finish tied with Atlanta and Chicago at 9-7.

If that happens, it would not matter if the Cowboys are also 9-7 or not. Seattle would earn a playoff spot.


Good things are happening over at the O’Connell Center at Clark College.

Both the Clark men’s and women’s basketball teams bagged tournament victories on Sunday.

Take in a game over the holiday break. The Clark men host a tournament beginning Dec. 27.

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