Letter: Parents rely too much on government



Regarding the Dec. 17 story “A windfall for early learning: State wins $60M to get more high-needs kids ready for kindergarten,” Gov. Chris Gregoire was “almost giddy”? A “windfall” for early learning with more federal dollars to “help children get better prepared for kindergarten”? We feel it’s the downfall of early learning.

In the 18th century, Edward Gibbon wrote “The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.” He listed five attributes of fallen Rome, one of which was an “increased dependence on the state.” Until parents and others (not the state) take personal responsibility for preparing young children for life, not just kindergarten, it does not bode well for America.

Please read to your young ones. Take them to the park. Talk with them, for goodness’ sake. Stop expecting government to do your job.

Donald C. and Judy Ebel, Vancouver