Police: 3 bodies in car pulled from Spokane River



SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) — Police say three bodies have been found in a car pulled from the Spokane River and authorities are investigating if they’re those of three missing Bhutanese refugees.

Police spokeswoman Jennifer DeRuwe says the car registered to one of the men was located Wednesday morning. After pulling the car ashore, police confirmed it contained three bodies.

DeRuwe says they initially searched the area after a missing persons report was filed, but the river was about 4 feet higher at the time.

Police say a positive indentification of the bodies hasn’t yet been made, but they suspect that they’re the three missing people.

The three missing men are from families that spent years at United Nations refugee camps in Nepal before arriving in the United States two years ago. The families fled Bhutan because of ethnic tensions.

There was no immediate word on cause of death.