Letter: Discover Pass needs alterations



Some major changes need to be made to the new Discover Pass. If I take my pickup and boat out to Battle Ground Lake in the morning, I have to have either a yearly pass, which costs $35 after adding fees or $11.50 per day after dealer fees. If my family wants to join me later in the day for a picnic, they have to pay the same amount for the other car because only one vehicle is allowed per permit.

I already have a Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife recreation pass, which is no good at the state parks, but at least when you buy one of those, they are good for two vehicles.

Now you happen to buy a different car — is the pass no good? Or your license comes due and the state says your plates are schedule to be replaced. So now is your pass is no good?

Major changes need to be made. I have no problem with the new pass, if it is for a household and not per vehicle.

David Cossel