Letter: Peaceful dissenters are targeted



As if America’s endless wars were not enough, the U.S. allegiance to Israel is shameless. Now we have President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton supporting Israel’s blockade of the freedom flotilla boats to Gaza. They have pressured Greece to stop the ships from sailing in international waters. Damage has been done to some of the vessels, making them unseaworthy.

These ships carry love letters to the people of Gaza who are imprisoned and maybe carry some humanitarian aid. The people aboard are peace activists who believe in nonviolence. They are my friends and include the famous poet, Alice Walker. The captain of the Audacity of Hope was arrested. Also, eight activists were arrested doing a fast. The U.S. Embassy in Greece is not helping either. We go to unlawful length for Israel to continue control, more so than our own people, whom we won’t even protect.

In this week of celebrating our country’s birthday, I tell you dissenters have no freedom. Our news is filled with live broadcasts of the Casey Anthony trial to distract people’s attention from what is really going on. I am sad with America and disgusted with bombs bursting in air. The ship’s crew and passengers deserve a peace medal for their courage.

Genevieve Kortes