Letter: Secure clean industry for good jobs



I was pleased to see the state Department of Ecology set a new cleanup timeline for Alcoa’s former aluminum site in Longview, which is tainted with cyanide and other toxic chemicals.

Millennium Bulk Logistics, which is leasing from Alcoa, wants to build its coal export terminal on the site. So far, I believe Millennium has misled the public about how much coal it wants to export. It also was involved in a recent industrial fire on the proposed land, emitting toxic smoke and forcing local residents to flee for shelter. This is the same company that has proposed to clean up the site, contingent upon its coal terminal being built. Yet Millennium’s actions have demonstrated that it is reckless and irresponsible, and cannot be trusted to act in the interest of the community.

Alcoa owns the property, so it is its responsibility to decontaminate the site.

For the health and safety of Southwest Washington I hope that DOE continues to pressure Alcoa until the site is cleaned up.

We cannot accept a dangerous and careless corporation in our community; we must instead develop the site into a sustainable, responsible, and clean industrial hub that delivers good jobs to Longview.

Jacob Gellman