Police find pot garden in tidy Sunnyside home




Police found a $1.3 million marijuana grow Tuesday in the least obvious of places – a nearly 4,000-square-foot home in the Sunnyside neighborhood.

Every corner of the second story in the beige-colored home at 9915 N.E. 104th St. was used to cultivate about 839 plants nourished by grow lights and nutrient-packed grow cubes, which resembled Styrofoam.

A crew from the Clark-Skamania Drug cleaned out the home Tuesday and confiscated plants and other evidence while detectives sought a search warrant for a second home in the same neighborhood, also believed to be used as a front for a marijuana grow, said Mike Cooke of the Clark-Skamania Drug Task Force.

The home at N.E. 104th St. was not lived in, Cooke said. The first floor was minimally furnished to avoid raising suspicions in the neighborhood, he said.

Cooke would not say how police became aware of the grow.

More details about the case will be in Wednesday’s edition of The Columbian.