Inmate confession details in guard’s death



EVERETT, Wash. (AP) — A convicted rapist charged with aggravated murder in the Jan. 29 death of a corrections officer described to detectives how he snuck up behind Jayme Biendl as she was securing a door in the Monroe Correctional Facility’s chapel.

Byron Scherf said she first tried to reason with him, reminding him that he had a wife. But the inmate claimed Biendl had said something to him earlier that day that he considered disrespectful to his wife, and that set him off.

The Daily Herald reported on Scherf’s statements after they were made public Wednesday in response to records requests. They provide details of the confession detectives outlined in earlier court papers.

The inmate says Biendl’s eyes “just got as big as silver dollars” when she realized he was about to attack. He says she kicked, bit and grappled with him for minutes before he looped an amplifier cord around her neck.


Information from: The Daily Herald,