Letter: Identify breed as needing supervision



Once again I read about a poor animal that had to be euthanized because of a pit bull attack, July 10 story “Police report: B.G. pit bull attacks; its victim now dead.” How long must this go on?

I totally agree with the people who say that the breed of a dog does not determine their character, as evidenced by the July 4 bulldog attack in Oregon, but there is something about the pit bull breed that just puts it into a category on its own.

If people want to have pit bulls there needs to be an ordinance that they can never be out unsupervised by their owners. I realize that it would create difficulty for the owners but on the other hand I don’t want to be walking my pet by their unsupervised animal and have to submit my child to watching his/her beloved pet being killed. How long will the dog’s owner and her little boy have to live with the trauma they experienced?

Gabriella Sprenger