Letter: Just enforce current immigration law



Are you law-abiding if you:

  1. Enter the U.S. illegally.

  2. Obtain false documents of citizenship and Social Security numbers.

  3. Take advantage of our social services system.

  4. Bring drugs into this country and also grow or sell them.

  5. Commit crimes.

  6. Do not make any effort to become a U.S. citizen.

  7. If you get into trouble, simply go back across the border and return when you feel it is safe.

  8. Have what is described as anchor babies.

Now if one of our states tries to do something about it, our own federal government stops them, saying it’s the feds’ job. Well, isn’t it time the feds did their job? We do not need immigration reform, we need a government and a president that will stand up for us and enforce the laws we have. Why do we have to change our laws for illegal immigrants? See what would happen if you go to Mexico and protest their immigration laws.

Our immigration laws are fair and serve a purpose and it’s time something is done to all those who have broken those laws. Law-abiding? Don’t make me laugh.

Lloyd Jolley