Letter: Light rail can bring unsavory elements



I’m not against the new bridge, I am against the light rail. If it gets over here to Clark College, we might as well kiss St. John’s IGA goodbye. I heard it reported on the news from Portland that the Rockwood Safeway in the Gresham area has closed. There was so much shoplifting and stealing that they couldn’t make any money. The store was fine until MAX came into the area. It was the last grocery store in the area and left the people high and dry for shopping.

As far as the vote on light rail is concerned, it should not just be Vancouver, but the entire Clark County. After all, the three park-and-ride garages are being built for the people who come in from all over the county to ride light rail, so they should also have the right to vote on it. It shouldn’t be left on the backs of the people of Vancouver only. I would like to know if it is voted down but light rail comes over here anyway, who is going to pay for the maintenance and how will it be paid?

Harriet M. Hooper