Letter: Where are jobs that were promised?



Do you remember how the tax cuts and tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans and their corporations was sold to us by the Bush administration in 2001 and 2003 and approved by the Obama administration in 2010? It was to create new jobs for Americans. Did that happen? Did we get those new jobs?

Reported unemployment averages 9.2 percent and it’s 13 percent for returning veterans. What happened?

Almost 10 million jobs were shipped overseas in the past 10 years of tax breaks and tax cuts. The private sector lost jobs in manufacturing, information and technology. How did those tax breaks and tax cuts, and stimulus money work for you?

In the greater Vancouver/Portland area, 52 corporations have exported jobs and 113 corporations have filed WARN (Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act) notices of intent to export jobs .

For 10 years, we have waited for those great new jobs. The workers’ patience should be as thin as their wallets. Instead, workers accept their representatives’ promise of “jobs” if we accept no taxes on the rich or corporate thugs and give them stimulus tax money. Just sock it to the poor and getting-poorer American worker. To check this information, go to http://www.workingamerica.org/jobtracker.

Celia Louderback