Final 9 paid $782K at WSOP, more possible in Nov.



LAS VEGAS (AP) — Nine smiling but bleary-eyed finalists at the World Series of Poker have been paid more than $782,000 each for topping the main event, and sent off for a 312-month break to prepare for the final table in November in Las Vegas.

And just hours after the winners from seven different countries secured places in the final early Wednesday, debate has already begun over who’s playing well and who will win come November.

Matt Giannetti, a 26-year-old poker professional from Las Vegas, says he wishes the final table would be played immediately because he feels zoned in on his play and opponents.

Martin Staszko of the Czech Republic leads the finalists in chips and is considered the betting favorite by the Wynn Las Vegas casino to win the $8.71 million title.