Letter: Medical marijuana law intent is clear



In response to the July 15 story, “Commissioners prohibit pot-growing facilities,” I’m a man of simple means. For the most part, I’m happy with my meager resources. There are times, however, when it can be a bit frustrating. Today is one of those times. I haven’t the funds to take the commissioners to task for what I believe is a blatantly illegal resolution — a knee-jerk reaction based upon nothing but irrational fear and ignorance.

Where, exactly, in section 403 of the bill E2SSB-5073 do you find the word “facility”? This section’s intention is obvious. It was written to allow qualified patients to network and support one another within small groups. No storefronts. No “dispensary.” Prior to this bill, the act of transferring the controlled substance from (cannabis) patient to patient could have been construed as manufacturing, distribution and/or delivery. Section 403 facilitates patient support in lieu of commercial interests.

I suggest commissioners take the time to actually read the bill; possibly discuss with Mike Cooke, Clark-Skamania Drug Task Force commander, where he believes the loopholes are, and then have the Task Force publish a consistent policy on enforcement. Whatever shakes out from there can be settled in court.

Jim Kennedy