Deadline Friday for Washington raffle hunt entries



OLYMPIA — Sportsmen have until Friday to enter Washington’s special big-game hunt raffles this fall.

Raffle hunts are available for blacktail deer, mule deer, whitetail deer, elk in Western Washington, elk in Eastern Washington, bighorn sheep, moose and mountain goat.

Five multi-species hunts will be raffled including:

• A three-deer hunt allowing harvest of a blacktail, mule and whitetail deer.

• A northeast Washington hunt allowing harvest of three of six species including whitetail deer, bull elk, moose, cougar, bear and turkey.

• A south-central Washington hunt allowing harvest of a bull elk, buck deer and bighorn sheep.

• A southeast Washington hunt allowing harvest of four of the following five species: whitetail deer, mule deer, bull elk, cougar and black bear.

• A north-central Washington hunt allowing harvest of three of the following five: whitetail deer, mule deer, bighorn sheep, cougar and bear.

Tickets can be bought at license vendors. They are no longer available online or by telephone.

Winners will be selected in a drawing during the final week of July and notified by mid-August.

Raffle tickets for deer, elk, moose and mountain goat are $5.90 each. A ticket for bighorn sheep costs $11.90. Tickets for three-species hunts are $16.70 and $22.10 for four-species hunts.

The hunting season will be September through December except for bear, cougar and turkey.