Letter: McKenna is protecting state’s citizens



In a July 15 letter, “Consider candidates’ stand on issues,” Andrea Oltean contended that Attorney General Rob McKenna, candidate for governor, is “putting women in our state in a vulnerable situation” by joining the multistate lawsuit to block the Affordable Care Act. McKenna joined the suit to protect our freedom from an expansion of federal power over citizens that attorneys general in more than half the states conclude is illegal.

We must not sell our freedom for a shaky promise of future Obamacare benefits. Oltean doubtless sincerely believes that with Obamacare our government can provide “family planning … cervical and breast cancer screenings” for all women. Yet, throughout Europe and the U.S., we witness governments tottering into insolvency because they have made too many such promises.

Obamacare likely will not do what Oltean hopes. As of May, more than 1,300 waivers from compliance have been issued to labor unions and employers. A McKinsey Company survey is showing that the costs of Obamacare are underestimated and that 30 percent of employers would be better off dropping health coverage than complying with the Obamacare mandates. The risk of employers fleeing health coverage is real. McKenna deserves kudos for safeguarding our freedom while working for a sustainable solution to health care.

Ann Donnelly