Letter: Experience what bicycling offers



In his July 28 letter, “Cyclists have no claim to harassment,” Fred McNeeley thinks that we bicycling taxpayers must be out of our “right mind” for enjoying a Saturday bicycling on the roads that we help pay for.

Vancouver is one of the best cities for cyclists of all ages and abilities with the nicest people walking, jogging, wheel-chairing, cycling, and driving this fair city. Unfortunately, continuously connected bike lanes are not available everywhere on our roads — yet. I truly appreciate the ongoing collaboration between Vancouver, Camas, and Washougal for planning and providing connecting, wide, well-marked, well-maintained cycling lanes for families and commuters alike to enjoy traveling on.

Having well-marked bikes lanes so that motorists can see bicyclists means safety for the little kids bicycling together to reach the neighborhood park and school, safety for local bike clubs cycling while enjoying the beautiful scenery, safety for the group of friends and families cycling together, safety for the grandparents, moms, dads, and children bicycling together, and safety for the thoughtful eco-friendly bike commuter getting to work to earn the tax money to help pay for the infrastructure that we enjoy so much.

If a cyclist gave a person a “middle-finger salute” generally there is culpability on the part of both parties.

Colleen England