Talking Points: Possible Mariners’ trade fodder




ESPN writer David Schoenfield says the Mariners should trade Double A prospect Kyle Seager to the Mets for Carlos Beltran and $5 million.

Beltran is hitting .279 with eight HR and 28 RBI, which are big by the meager standards of the Mariners. He is being paid $18.5 million this year, although it’s the final year of his contract.

Mets owner Fred Wilpon lessened Beltran’s value when he recently said the 34-year-old is not near the player he once was. Smart move Fred.

Seager is a second baseman, but that position likely is committed far into the future for Seattle. Seager is hitting .302 in Double A.

Beltran would have to waive his no-trade clause.

Somehow, with Chone Figgins costing $9 million a year through 2013, Talking Points does not see the M’s taking on an aging hitter past his prime and who will be 35 a month into next season.


San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis and several other NFL players found a creative way to pass their time during the lockout. They went to Uganda and Rwanda to help fit hearing-impaired children with hearing aids. They also fed youngsters, dug wells and helped with housing construction.

Davis said one highlight was a four-mile hike up a mountain to view some silverback gorillas.

“Some of the guys were scared because the gorillas were walking around so close to us,’’ he added.

Davis said his most vivid, and sad, memory was watching children ages 1 to 3 take naps on concrete outside of their daycare centers

“They had no pillow, no blanket, just a slab of cement.’’

Also on the trip were fellow NFL players Adrian Peterson, Bryant McKinnie, Santonio Holmes, Gerald McCoy, Derrick Morgan, Larry Fitzgerald, Roy Williams and Vontae Davis.