Ore. boosts next year’s university tuition, fees



PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Oregon students face higher college tuition and fees next year, with big jumps at the biggest schools.

The state Board of Higher Education approved the increases Friday.

It’s part of a long-term trend. Students are bearing a greater share of college expenses, and state tax dollars a smaller share.

Fees and tuition will rise by 8.9 percent at Portland State and 8.8 percent at Oregon State.

The University of Oregon withdrew higher fees for remodeling the student union and recreation center, so the increase there is 7.3 percent.

The increases at most of the smaller schools will be 5 percent to 6 percent. But the Oregon Institute of Technology in Klamath Falls plans an 8.7 percent jump. All the figures are based on 15 credit-hours.