Vital statistics






Katie B. Lee and Maksim L. Kuzkin, Battle Ground, a girl, Jocelyn R. Kuzkin, May 18, 7 pounds, 6 ounces.


Tiffany and John Kitchen, Brush Prairie, a boy, Treagan Robert, May 24, 7 pounds, 8 ounces.

Marriage dissolutions


Busig, Charles A. and Sarah A. Woman’s name changed to Wroble.

Bykova, Nadezhda and Bykov, Vladimir.

Clark, Melissa R. and Gregory M.

JennerJohn, Kathy Ann and Gary Lee II. Woman’s name changed to Davis.

Lidston, Tanya Ann and Stephen John Jr. Woman’s name changed to Lopez.

Molyneux, Gary L. and Margarete.

Moyer, Brittany and Kurt.

Rhodes, Renata A. and Duisen, Cindy C.

Rolen, Jilljean and Clayton D. Woman’s name changed to Evans.

Sanchez, Sergio and Alison K. Woman’s name changed to Moore.

Smarr, Rebecca A. and Ronald T.

Thomas, Alison Renae and Logan Andrew.

Watkins, Deborah J. and David A. Woman’s name changed to Sanders.

Willbanks, Sarah and Anthony. Woman’s name changed to Stone.

Woltman, Carolyn G. and Daniel F. Woman’s name changed to Schaeffer.


Guiterrez-Ruiz, Morelia and Prieto-Lozano, Rigoberto.


Amanzadeh, Sherry and Ali Reza.

Bones, Amber and Daniel.

Busch, Brian A. and Luanne R.

Clarkson, Tricia Lynn and Bill Daniel Jr.

Hutchinson, Bryce C. and Jennifer R.

Keenan, Margret J. and Kittner, Charles L.

McMahon, Marcella R. and Tyler J.

Nickerson, Bernadine L. and Tod A.

Padelford, Saran E. and Timothy P. II.

Quintero-Olson, Magali and Olson, Kasey James.

VanDyke, Christine A. and Kyle Thomas.

Veselka, Jason Wayne and Brittany Nicole.


Marchand, Michael and Barbara.

Moore, Tera and Thomas.

Rawson, Janet and Doran.

Reeves, Logan J. and Swank, Misti A.

Marriage licenses


Aho, Nathaniel Carl, 21, Menahga, Minn., and Sunnarborg, Carrie Ann, 21, Menahga, Minn.

Aili, Clinton John, 27, Duluth, Minn., and Kaski, Kayla Ruth, 26, Duluth, Minn.

Carlson, Andrew Warren, 21, Vancouver, and Dunham, Chandra Anise, 22, Vancouver.

Charpentier, Michael Patrick, 31, Vancouver, and Sadoski, Lisa Ann, 30, Vancouver.

Grebner, Thomas Ray, 46, Vancouver, and Tucker, Elizabeth Marie, 43, Vancouver.

Hughel, John Ryder, 49, Portland, and Csabay, Eniko, 35, Portland.

Lasseigne, Michael Austin, 35, Vancouver, and Miller, Jamie Lynn, 32, Vancouver.

Lefor, Jeremiah Mathias, 23, Vancouver, and Decker, Elisa Ruth, 22, Vancouver.

Long, Daniel Waynegate, 64, Camas, and Lynes, Vicky Aline, 54, Camas.

Qualley, Geoffrey Andrew, 35, Vancouver, and Gummus, Michelle Ann, 34, Vancouver.

Reynolds, Daniel Stephen, 25, Vancouver, and Young, Melissa Kaye, 27, Vancouver.

Schaerer, Dustin Richard, 32, Vancouver, and Johnson, Jennifer Ann, 30, Vancouver.

Zutz, Joseph Shant, 27, Battle Ground, and Zachariasen, Erica Gayle, 23, Vancouver.


Bradley, Zachary Lee, 40, Vancouver, and Burns, Amanda Nirah, 33, Vancouver.

Devier, Michael Joseph, 24, Ridgefield, and Bush, Rachael Sue, 23, Ridgefield.

Lyle, Brandon James, 30, Vancouver, and Degrande, Stephanie Lynn, 27, Vancouver.

McCarty, Jeremy Lance, 35, Camas, and Hevron, Heidi Lynn, 38, Camas.

Schuurmans, Jeffrey Michael, 22, Vancouver, and Galka, Meagan Elizabeth, 22, Battle Ground.

Thomas, Carldez Junta, 32, Vancouver, and Seals, Shonda Rochelle, 29, Vancouver.

Waser, Adam Michael, 30, Battle Ground, and Snodgrass, Summer Ray, 26, Beaverton, Ore.


Alford, William Garrett, 26, Gresham, Ore., and Gunnerson, Abigail Denise, 26, Gresham, Ore.

DeGroot, Joshawa Nathaniel, 26, Vancouver, and McCaffrey, Heather Marie, 29, Vancouver.

Dzyubenko, Valeriy Filippovich, 27, Vancouver, and Sedneva, Natalya Pavlovna, 24, Vancouver.

Gemmell, Christopher Allen, 45, Vancouver, and Niday, Vicki Lynn, 43, Ridgefield.

Hawkins, David Alan, 34, Vancouver, and Hawkins, Brenda Jean, 34, Vancouver.

Koric, Ibrahim, 32, Vancouver, and Smajlovic, Amela, 27, Portland.

Laney, Scott Halladay, 40, Battle Ground, and Rowe, Jenny Lynn, 31, Battle Ground.

Larouche, Leonce Joseph III, 33, Vancouver, and Allen, Stacey Dee, 35, Vancouver.

Loucks, Keith Dwight, 28, Vancouver, and Hill, Laura Marie, 35, Vancouver.

Marlo, Scott Everett, 23, Vancouver, and Bouchard, Sara Elizabeth, 22, Vancouver.

Marstall, Todd William, 41, Anchorage, Alaska, and Ebner, Laurie Linda, 43, Vancouver.

Nava, Servando Lee, 48, Vancouver, and Van Steenwyk, Kimberly Nicole, 28, Vancouver.

Peck, Charles Alan, 31, Vancouver, and Scribner, Lacee, 24, Vancouver.

Rapp, Louis Francis, 60, Aloha, Ore., and Larson, Carol Elaine, 55, Aloha, Ore.

Turk, Corey Lewis, 41, Vancouver, and Webb, Lisa Marie, 46, Vancouver.

Wilson, Roy Lee Jr., 33, Vancouver, and Hartrampf, Brandy Marie, 29, Hillsboro, Ore.

Woodhurst, Jacob Austin, 20, Battle Ground, and Potts, Heather Lynn, 20, Battle Ground.

Court sentencings

The Columbian’s policy is to publish all Clark County Superior Court felony sentencings, as provided by the Clark County Clerk’s Office. DC signifies that the defendant has entered drug court. Addresses are provided by the courts and may have changed by the time of sentencing. Misdemeanor sentencings, provided by District Court, are published for the following crimes: DUI (driving under the influence), DWS/revoked (driving while license is suspended or revoked), theft-3 (third-degree theft), and assault-4 (fourth-degree assault). If the defendant is sentenced for other misdemeanors at the same time, those offenses are also listed. Money figures represent fines.

Judges: Roger Bennett, John Hagensen, John Nichols, James Swanger, Ed Poyfair, Barbara Johnson, James Rulli, Vernon Schreiber, Robert Lewis, Richard Melnick, Darvin Zimmerman, Diane Woolard, Scott A. Collier, John Wulle, Greg Gonzales, Kelli Osler and Sonya Langsdorf. Judge Protem: Terry Vetter. Court Commissioners: Carin Schienberg, Amy Swingen, Alison Greene, Suzan Clark, Dan Stahnke, Clayton Spencer, Jeff Witteman, Mary Arden and Kristen Parcher.


Green, Chaniq Marie, 14, 1813 N.E. 88th Circle, 15 to 36 weeks, assault-2 with deadly weapon. (Stahnke, May 26)

Johnson, Anisha Nicole, 14, Portland, 9 days, 12 months probation, 24 hours community service, harassment, assault-3, assault-4 and malicious mischief-3. (Woolard, May 27)

McEvers, Warren Zachary, 14, 903 S.E. 94th Ave., 2 days, 12 months probation, 104 hours community service, explosive device activities without license. (Lewis, May 23)


Gaska, Richard Anthony, 26, address not available, 194 days, escape-2. (Woolard, June 2)

Johnson, Scott William, 49, address not available, 43 months, bail-jumping on class B or C felony and two counts possession of methamphetamine. (Nichols, May 27)

Weglage, William George Jr., 57, address not available, 18 months, five counts theft-1 and one count theft-2. (Lewis, June 2)


Blake, Daquintai T., 20, Portland, $100, 10 days, assault-4. (Hagensen, May 31)

Brelinski, Angela Pauline, 44, 710 W. 32nd St., $200, 14 days, two counts DWS/revoked. (Schreiber, June 1)

Bueno-Encinia, Elizabeth Marie, 28, 4617 N.E. St. Johns Road, $500, 6 days, two counts theft-3 and bail-jumping. (Swanger, May 31)

Burton, Danielle Nicole, 25, 7517 Indiana St., $595, 1 day, DUI. (Zimmerman, April 11)

Caballero, Lee Carter, 31, $100, 2 days, theft-3 and bail-jumping. (Zimmerman, May 20)

Case, Kymberlee Nikole, 22, 21413 N.E. Garner Road, Yacolt, $850, 90 days, DUI. (Zimmerman, April 11)

Craven, Garrett C., 24, 5209 N.E. 34th St., $100, 3 days, DWS/revoked. (Schreiber, April 25)

Deni, James Michael, 28, 7603 N.E. 13th Ave., $100, 1 day, assault-4. (Hagensen, May 31)

Eberly, Breianna Ileene, 23, 2809 N.E. 150th St., $100, 1 day, DWS/revoked. (Langsdorf, April 14)

Goodwald-Blaj, Cindi Lee, 46, Olympia, $100, 15 days, assault-4. (Hagensen, May 31)

Haldeman, Robyn Nicole, 28, 3000 N.E. 152nd Ave., $300, 9 days, three counts DWS/revoked. (Langsdorf, April 12)

Hodges, Nathaniel Alexander, 46, 2212 Carlson Road, $100, 15 days, assault-4. (Hagensen, June 1)

Katkansky, Kenneth Charles, 39, 3205 E. 30th St., $595, 1 day, DUI. (Zimmerman, April 11)

Kelley, Samantha Ann, 21, 6019 N.E. 10th Ave., $200, 10 days, theft-3. (Swanger, May 31)

Knox, Sharon Michelle, 32, 405 N. Main Ave., Ridgefield, $595, 1 day, DUI. (Zimmerman, April 11)

Lee, Jeremy Allen, 34, 21216 N.E. 227th Ave., Battle Ground, $100, 15 days, assault-4. (Hagensen, May 31)

Marshall, Craig Lee, 26, 14212 N.E. Ninth St., $1,000, 60 days, two counts theft-3 and DWS/revoked. (Schreiber, June 1)

Morgunov, Timofey Ruslanovich, 23, 5603 N.E. 56th St., $100, 5 days, assault-4. (Hagensen, May 31)

Owens, Christopher Patrick, 35, 617 E. 27th St., $595, 1 day, DUI. (Zimmerman, April 11)

Parkison, Christopher Lake, 34, 15619 N.E. Caples Road, Brush Prairie, $100, 3 days, assault-4. (Hagensen, May 31)

Poolaw, Lionel Bruce III, 30, 3800 G St., $100, 47 days, assault-4. (Hagensen, May 31)

Ryan, Joshua Anthony, 19, 10117 N.E. Ninth Ave., $100, 15 days, assault-4. (Hagensen, May 31)

Tsilitskiy, Pavel Pavlovich, 22, 5408 N.E. 59th Court, $500, 10 days, DWS/revoked and hit and run unattended. (Zimmerman, May 20)

Van Enige, John IV, 39, Portland, $595, 10 days, DUI. (Zimmerman, April 11)

Williams, Henry Andrew Jr., 40, 7607 N.E. 58th Ave., $300, 6 days, two counts DWS/revoked. (Schreiber, April 25)

Zachor, Craig Allen, 53, 3114 n.E. 57th Ave., $300, 30 days, assault-4. (Zimmerman, April 11)


Allen, Crystal Lee, 27, 4501 Addy St., Washougal, $200, 10 days, DWS/revoked and operating vehicle without ignition interlock device. (Zimmerman, June 2)

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