Letter: Patients are loyal to family dentists



I have been a patient of a local dental clinic for many years. A few years ago, I enrolled in a Delta Dental Plan through AARP to help me pay for the cost of dental care. In his June 4 letter, “Compensation still high among states,” I think James Dwyer of Washington Dental Service is wrong when he says that reducing payments to dentists will make “dental care more affordable to consumers.” People don’t shop around for dentists like they do for clothing or furniture. When a person finds a dentist they like, they stay with him or her.

Having my dentist become a non-network dentist with Delta is going to increase what I pay for quality dental work. Unless my premium drops, I will be getting less benefit from my monthly premium.

The question isn’t whether I will change dentists; but whether I will keep my insurance with Delta Dental, find a new insurance company, or drop dental insurance altogether.

Philip S. Parker, Vancouver