Letter: Most breeds unite as packs



A June 2 story reported, “City may debate ban on pit bulls: Boy, 9, was attacked by 3 dogs last week.” It’s possible that Christopher Ramsey, the boy’s neighbor, doesn’t know much about dogs, since he feels that only pit bulls have a “pack mentality.” All canids have that pack mentality, counting their humans as their pack. What is needed is more owner responsibility, not penalizing breeds.

A cousin of mine had a pit bull as a teen, and that dog was the nicest one around. A friend of mine has a huge Rottweiler that is also friendly. I own a wonderful year-old German Shepherd that I’ve been working hard at socializing and training since he was 4 months old. I’ve known more small dogs that were vicious, mean and dangerous than the bigger breeds, but they usually get a free pass because they are so small and cute. Talk about inequality.

Tena Abbey