Letter: Many rewards in adopting an older pet



In Mary A. Gunther’s June 5 letter, “Pet ownership requires responsibility,” it was sad to read her viewpoint that older pets should be put to sleep instead of “dumped on society” by irresponsible owners.

I have volunteered for a rescue group and the majority of pets being surrendered in the past few years have not been because the owner no longer wanted them as they got older. We see many pet owners who have lost their jobs and their homes, and can no longer afford to take care of a much loved family pet. They turn to rescue groups or humane societies because they want their pets to be taken care of in a way that they can’t anymore, and it is a difficult, painful decision to make. They turn to us because they love their pets, not because they don’t want to spend the money to euthanize.

To categorize older pets looking for homes as suitable only to be killed is such a sad way to underestimate the rewards of adopting an older pet. These pets deserve to live out their days in a safe, loving environment. Beyond rescuing a pet, you are doing yourself an immeasurable favor of opening your heart and home to their unconditional love.

Holly Raymond