Letter: Cyclists pay taxes, too



Jim Souder’s June 16 letter, “Why are bicycles not taxed?” rang a bell for me. I, as a driver and a cyclist, also don’t like to see a cyclist blast through a stop sign. When I bike, I slow down, look both ways and cross, just as many motorists do. And I agree, although it is legal, that bikes should not be on sidewalks. But I think it is safer for children to ride a bike on sidewalks.

Souder also wants to know why cyclists aren’t taxed. Every person I know who rides also drives a car. Therefore, they are taxed. Also, money for roads is a part of our property tax. This means that we all pay for roads.

Repair of roads was another item concerning him. A major damaging element for roads is vehicle weight. Bicycles are light and cause little damage. Some motorists use studded tires in the winter. State highway officials have determined that studded tires do much more damage to roads than regular tires. I have never seen a bike with studded tires.

The roads are public property. We all own them. Bikes, cars, horse-drawn wagons, buses and walkers all have a right to use the roadways.

Kent Meyer