Secularist billboard goes up in Wenatchee



WENATCHEE, Wash. (AP) — A new red white and blue billboard in Wenatchee declares God and government are a “dangerous mix — Keep state and church separate.”

The billboard was paid for by the Madison, Wisc., based Freedom From Religion Foundation with the help of a group of north central Washington secularists. It’s timed to coincide with Thursday’s National Day of Prayer.

The group’s Annie Laurie Gaylor told KOHO it wants to “reassert that our government is godless, our constitution is godless, and when you have religion and government united nothing except problems result.”

Rev. Bob Shepard is leading a National Day of Prayer service in Wenatchee’s Memorial Park. He objects to the billboard and says, “Our nation is based on the principal of freedom of religion, not freedom from religion.”


Information from: KOHO-FM,