Letter: Justice is not being served



The state Legislature is determined to put our community at risk.

Senate Bill 5891 would release sex offenders from prison without supervision. It also proposes a lenient approach to sex offenders who were able to get plea deals to avoid prison. These deals often save victims from being victimized again in the courtroom. The the offenders would be monitored by the Department of Corrections under community supervision to lessen the likelihood of the offender recommitting sex offenses.

House Bill 2066 removes tolling, which prevents a sex offender from getting credit for community supervision while serving jail time for violations such as refusing to participate in sex-offender treatment or for having contact with minors. Community Corrections Officers often respond to community concerns when sex offenders are having contact with minors or going to locations minor frequent in violation of their conditions of supervision. Without this supervision, law enforcement cannot do anything because the offender has not yet violated a law.

The blame and responsibility for the harm these offenders might cause, when they are not supervised, should go to the members of the Legislature who support these lousy plans.

Anthony Shaver