Letter: Clean up: Why is it so hard to do?



What in the world is going on with our local government? How many times have I and many others written to complain about trash on our roads? If we do not complain, the chances are that the litter won’t get picked up. Then the county and city put out a report that it’s illegal to pick up trash unless you register to do this.

I have suggested having trash cans on all walkways that accompany the roads, particularly Padden Parkway. One time when I called about the trash, the person answering said the county hasn’t sent out the inmates yet. Well, that tells me that if we cure crime then there will be no one to pick up the trash. Even adopting a road for cleanup will not get those individuals out for weeks, and now I can’t even stop in my own vehicle to clean up litter.

Now, enter the road maintenance issue. Who are these people in charge? What have they been doing? Why are roads crumbling? If you cannot maintain roads or keep up on the weeds and overgrowth, then don’t build it. Why can’t the county ask the public to have a cleanup day?

This problem has been going on way before the economy tanked.

Thomas Krueger