Letter: Obnoxious citizens pester councilors



The May 21 Cheers & Jeers editorial jeered Jeanne Harris. Well, jeers to you, too, Columbian editors.

My husband and I happened to see that city council meeting last year. We have been watching more since that meeting. There is an entertainment value there besides becoming familiar with the process of city government.

Without being prejudiced by prior council meeting observations, we were immediately struck with the obnoxiousness of the citizens who were speaking that evening. It was my first impression on all the council members. I thought Mayor Tim Leavitt was a little weak that evening and am happy to see his growth in governing and stronger presence.

I didn’t like the editorial’s use of adjectives “hot-headed” toward Jeanne Harris vs. “mild-mannered” colleague Larry Smith. The bottom line is there are two sides to every story. I’m here to state the opposite of your side.

I don’t think Harris was out of line or had a “meltdown” that infamous evening last year. Those citizens irked me, and I only met them that day. Before she even used the phrase “gavel down,” I was talking to my TV, telling Leavitt to be more assertive and stand up to the citizens.

There you have it, democracy showcased again here.

Joanne Fitzwilson