UK lawmakers demand Dow’s Olympic deal is ditched



LONDON (AP) — British opposition legislators say they want Olympics organizers to scrap a deal for Dow Chemical Co. to fund an artistic centerpiece of the 2012 Games because of the company’s link to a deadly toxic gas disaster in India.

U.S.-based Dow had agreed to fund a curtain-style wrap to encircle the Olympic stadium.

But Labour Party lawmaker Barry Gardiner says he and colleagues have asked London 2012 chairman Seb Coe to drop the deal.

Gardiner said Thursday that critics accuse Dow of “refusal to accept proper responsibility” for a 1984 toxic gas leak in Bhopal, India, that killed some 15,000 people.

The leak happened at a Union Carbide plant, a company bought by Dow 2001. Dow insists the legal case was resolved in 1989.