Letter: Do without to accelerate recovery



In l980, my husband was laid off from a good job with the railroad. For two years he was unable to find full-time employment. When he did go back to work, it was for a little more than half what he had been paid.

Unemployment benefits were $500 a month for six months. We did not expect the government to meet any of our needs. He worked any part-time job he could get, and we cut our spending. We did not use credit cards. I learned to shop with very little money available. My husband took an extra part-time job delivering newspapers on Sundays.

But we never missed a house payment or got behind in any of our bills. How? We lived within our means. Our two boys didn’t feel that we were poor, because they never did without. There were many things they didn’t have, but they had what they needed. They learned to work and today are productive, responsible men.

During the past 30 years this country has become an entitlement country. Jobs are scarce, I get that. But, stop charging, use your money to pay your bills and forget about all the things you don’t have. Most of all, be thankful what you do have.

Janet Irwin