Land-use review



The following are local land-use proposals. The county or city may rate them in three categories: nonsignificant, no environmental impact study needed; nonsignificant, provided proponents meet certain conditions; and significant, requiring an environmental impact study.

City of Vancouver

Submit comments by the date below to Development Review Services, City of Vancouver, P.O. Box 1995, Vancouver, WA 98668-1995.

OAKBROOK: City of Vancouver proposes to install rain gardens and tree-lined medians along Northeast 98th Avenue, generally from Burton Road north, to approximately 200 feet north of Northeast 31st Street. Comment deadline: Nov. 17. Staff contact: Jon Wagner, 360-487-7885.

City of Washougal

Submit comments by the date below to city of Washougal, 1701 C St., Washougal, WA 98671, or e-mail

GRANT STREET: Dick Hannah has proposed site grading and construction of a 20,000-square-foot addition to an existing industrial building, Piller Plastics, 3925 S. Grant St., in the HI zone. Comment deadline: Nov. 21.

SOUTH 32ND STREET: Ted Greb with TrueGuard LLC seeks approval to make improvements to an existing stormwater system at 725 S. 32nd St. The project involves moving the discharge of treated stormwater from the city’s storm sewer to a new outfall in the main stem of the Columbia River. Comment deadline: Dec. 5.