Talking Points: No more JoePa




He should have done more.

He knows it. We know it.

Now, he is being held accountable.

Joe Paterno is out.

This does not take anything away from his football accomplishments. He was a great football coach.

Still, all those wins do not excuse his inaction in this scandal at Penn State. Which means he does not deserve to continue to represent Penn State.

We found it disturbing to watch the students outside his home Wednesday, pulling for Paterno. Seriously?

Actually, we do get it, to some degree. The man means a great deal to Penn State.

But the students should also be thinking about the real victims here.

Perhaps there will be a time to celebrate Paterno’s football accomplishments. Maybe a banquet. Maybe a time to invite fans and former players to give him one last football cheer.

That time is not now.

The students look insensitive to the situation. Why? Because the guy won a lot of football games.

He’s a football coach. Not a god.


Washington football coach Steve Sarkisian told a podcast that he would select USC quarterback Matt Barkley ahead of Stanford’s Andrew Luck.

Don’t buy into that, though. The Huskies play USC this week. Of course, the UW coach wants to say wonderful things about his opponent.

Not to mention, he never has to play Andrew Luck again.

Well, unless Andrew Luck decides against the NFL again and come back for another year of college football.

In fact, Luck should do just that. Just to beat Washington again.

Then, perhaps Sarkisian will think Luck is OK.