Talking Points: NBA players are fed up kids



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


They say that disdain for losing is often a more powerful motivator than winning. And when it comes to the NBA lockout, that seems to ring true.

There is virtually no way that the NBA Player’s Association decision to disband and seek an antitrust lawsuit is in anybody’s best interest, but this isn’t about winning — it’s about not losing.

The players feel that NBA commissioner David Stern has berated them over the past few months and didn’t want to succumb by accepting the offer from last week that felt like an ultimatum, even if Stern disagrees with the semantics. It was not a rational decision by the players, who now risk losing the entire season, but anybody who has observed Stern’s smugness and condescending tone can at least relate to the union’s sentiment — even if they disagree.

Just think about teens with overbearing parents that micromanage every minute of their lives, pushing them to excel in academics or sports or music until the kid gets flat out fed up. Often, the teen will take a self-defeating course of action such as skipping college for the sole purpose of rebelling. It’s not about choosing a better life; It’s about proving their folks wrong.

Stern’s frustration might be legitimate and his anger might be justified. However, his rhetoric throughout the negotiations have been consistent with the bully label so many have dubbed him with.

As Roger Sterling once said in “Mad Men” — “Do you realize how much of this business comes down to ‘I don’t like that guy?’ ”

Perhaps Stern should have taken notice, because he has created hundreds of even madder men.


Donuts, Twinkies, Ding Dongs — all scrumptious … until you have one too many, then you can’t even stand the sight of them.

Same is true with Tiger Woods’ former caddie Steve Williams.

When Tiger dumped him over the summer, hearing Williams rip his former boss both directly and indirectly was deliciously juicy for the viewing public. Since then, we have heard about him uttering a racial slur and then recently saying how Tiger will never break Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 major victories, and how he wishes he would have parted with Woods before the scandal of 2009.

Look, Stevie, caddies only get 10 percent of a players’ check. How about we only hear from you 10 percent as often as we have been lately?

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