Letter: Reform campaign ‘donations’



John Burke’s Nov. 9 letter, “Increasing taxes benefits no one,” had some conspicuous flaws. The wealthiest (top 1 percent or so) spend a lot of money to control U.S. domestic and foreign policy. It is profitable for them. That is crony capitalism and only the most wealthy can afford it.

The Occupiers don’t want to “punish” the rich as Burke claims. I think they are tired of having their representatives “bought” by the wealthy. I could easily list hundreds of examples and so could any reader.

The Tea Party has now been purchased by the same folks who own most of the lobbyists. Yes, the government spends a lot of money on really stupid things, but they don’t think this stuff up themselves … they get lobbied to insert those crazy things into unrelated bills.

We don’t need less government, we need comprehensive campaign finance reform. If our representatives had only our votes to worry about and didn’t have to raise gobs of money each day, government would work rather well and is the only way you and I can have a say in what goes on.

Let the greedy run things and you will end up back in the 17th century with nobles and serfs.

Steve Rapalus