Letter: Let common sense, sympathy prevail



If you tell the truth often enough, everyone will know it to be the truth. If you tell a lie often enough, everyone will know it to be the truth also. This is all about the billions of dollars that will be spent on political commercials in the next year. So how do we ordinary people determine what is a lie and what is the truth? I’m afraid I don’t have a pat answer, but I do have some opinions.

The truth for some may not be the truth for others. A lie may be a lie for some but a truth for others. Do not determine this in a self-serving way but do it for the good of your country. Ideology is a good thing, right or left, but if it hurts others and your country, then drop that part of it. I’m liberal on some things and conservative on others — mostly liberal, I think. Therefore, I will never vote for anyone who in any way will deny our responsibility to the most vulnerable: the old, young, disabled and poor. I guess this all boils down to: Use common sense and perhaps sympathy for the less fortunate when you vote.

Al Sullivan