Letter: Ample evidence of global flood



The Nov. 20 story, “Field of whale fossils emerges in Chile,” reported on one of numerous graveyards worldwide easily explained by a global flood. An asteroidal impact (or something) ravaged Earth, sinking Pangaea, and swelling the ocean floor, thus producing a worldwide flood and volcanism. Prolific forests, uprooted and floating in mats, were buried, explaining the origin of coal and oil. Limestones, sandstones and soils, Cambrian and above, suspended in water, were sorted into layers. Some of continental extent, with fossil whales, dinosaurs etc., were entrapped.

Lastly came mountain-building, lifting whales to their present 1,200-foot elevation and marine fossils as high as Mount Everest, as the world returned to equilibrium. Radioisotope crystals within magmatic intrusions partly survive the magma phase, thus parent/daughter ratios measure the age of the ancient planet’s magma, not the recent age of intruded layers. Oceans, warmed by volcanics, evaporated profusely, while reduced sunlight from volcanic aerosols cooled the continents, producing continual snow, hence a single ice age after the deluge. Allow recent dates, and everything is explained. Paleontologist’s riddles are resolved with ubiquitous evidence for a global flood.

Gorman Gray