Letter: Right to work is right thing for state



Washington needs to become a right-to-work state. If a company has an employee who refuses to work and another person willing to work that position at the wages and benefits offered, then that business should be entitled to hire whom they choose and not be held hostage by a few picket signs. Longview saw hundreds act in mob fashion and damage railroad equipment, an act that is against current court orders and are acts of union members.

This state needs to allow businesses to hire whom they choose, at wages agreeable to both the worker and the business. If a business trying to conduct its affairs is faced by a employee or employees who refuse the wages and benefits offered, then they should have a right to replace those employees without government or union interference. People have a right to work, and be able to do so without interference of local and state governments, and any other group wanting to interfere with their employment.

The right to work should be written into Washington state’s Constitution. With that right, employment will return to our state, because business will understand that their ability to address labor issues with employees will not be interfered with by local governments and labor organizations.

Allen J. Anderson