Letter: Disregard for presidency must end



From the beginning of our election of President Obama our policymakers have fought his every move. I do not understand what the purpose of voting is if the elected president is ignored. It is a shame that the rich are so greedy as to prevent our middle class from working. We will never recover.

Our country fell apart under the Bush administration. Republican posturing is preventing us from working. Greed is the name of Republicans. I fully support our president. We are being prevented from recovery by the right wing. Our government is broken. Our government owns most of our foreclosed homes. Who do you think Freddie Mae and Freddie Mac are? The government.

There will be an uprising, perhaps a revolution, because We The People are sick and tired of our dysfunctional government. Enron was punished, why wasn’t Wall Street? What is the purpose of calling ourselves a democracy when one party is making all the calls? This is communism or at best a Republican aristocracy. Our great country has fallen from grace due to arrogance and greed. It no longer cares for the people. This is not constitutional, this is not what our forefathers envisioned, this is anarchy.

Deborah Rawlings