Letter: Bias obvious at press conference



During President Obama’s Oct. 6 press conference, he spent the first 30 minutes bashing Republicans, Wall Street, banks and anyone else who opposes him.

He then asked for questions from the press, calling each one by name. It was the usual cast of characters: United Press, New York Times, Washington Post, NBC, ABC, CBS, Reuters.

If there was ever any doubt about liberal bias among the mainstream media, it was certainly dissipated that day. Every question could have been written by a member of the president’s staff. With all the furor going on with Solyndra, anti-gunrunning operation “Fast & Furious,” cronyism, the attorney general’s possible misstatements of the truth, Congressional and FBI investigations, one would expect these to be the main source of questions.

There was one soft question about Solyndra, which the president glossed over with sort of a “these things happen” answer.

One news source that was ignored by the president was Fox News … hmm, I wonder why?

Scott Hamley