Talking Points: NBA still has issues



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


David Stern said NBA games through Christmas might be in jeopardy. He also said the whole season is in danger.

Heck, he’s an optimist.

NBA player Ben Gordon told a radio station that the lockout could last two years, or at least, into the second season.

Gordon isn’t your typical player just sitting out and waiting for word on when to return to work. He actually has attended a negotiation meeting or two.

Yikes. He’s been in the room and thinks it’s two years away?

Just dumb, NBA, just dumb. You had your greatest season in years, and now you are throwing away all that goodwill.



While the ratings might suffer, the baseball has been awesome.

The Tigers forced a Game 6 in the American League Championship Series. The Brewers just tied up the NLCS at two games apiece.

There have been great games, great performances.

Just more proof that baseball does not need the Yankees to advance far to be interesting.

More proof baseball does not need the Red Sox anywhere near October.

OK, so the ratings would be up with those two teams, but would the games be more compelling? Doubtful.


Remember when Jay Cutler’s toughness was questioned for his actions in last season’s NFC Championship Game? Sure, he sulked. And sure, it did not look like he was injured when he left the game. So maybe he should have just played it up more.

Anyway, clearly the man is tough.

Every time he goes back to pass this season, he is getting crushed by opponents.

Either his linemen are no good, or they simply do not like Cutler.

Regardless, Cutler had a pretty decent stat night Monday despite throwing off balance on the way to the turf all game.

It got so bad that he actually said his mental well-being is at risk now.

No matter what you think of him and her pouting, we cannot call him a wimp.

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