Letter: Choose not to delay EPA regulations



Reported in the Oct. 7 story, “Herrera Beutler seeks delay of federal rule,” Rep. Jamie Herrera Beutler, R-Camas, is co-sponsoring a bill to delay EPA regulations designed to reduce toxic air emissions from wood processing, coal and chemical plants. These emissions include mercury, organic air toxins, and dioxins.

Our representative is saying that the regulations will cost this area jobs. She is quoting from the industry association that would be regulated.

There is no explanation as to why jobs will be lost, nor are any plant closings listed.

In reality, equipment to collect and control these pollutants will be needed. This will entail designing, building, and installing this equipment.

Implementing the regulations will create jobs.

The EPA shows that the pollutants the regulations are designed to reduce can cause health problems for many people. If the regulations are not approved, people will have health problems requiring doctors, nurses, and maybe undertakers, to take care of them. This also will create jobs.

It appears that Beutler has a choice: implement the pollution-reducing EPA regulations to create design, manufacturing, and installing jobs or continue polluting our air and create sick people and health care jobs. We, as voters, also have a choice.

Kent Meyer