Letter: Apply pressure for new job creation



The Columbian has recently given undeserved coverage to Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Camas. While part of the reporting has addressed her controversial support for the elimination of Medicare as we know it, nothing is said of her ‘’take it or leave it” position in the recent debt ceiling negotiations that have tanked the stock market since the vote. Her unconditional support for “cuts only” and unwillingness to even consider additional tax generators on the wealthy, or corporations like BP and GE, that pay no federal taxes to help balance the budget will only result in one thing, further destruction to an economy that was already fragile, at best.

Why not ask her what specifically she’d do to create new jobs — clearly what those around the nation and Clark County care about? I suspect I know the answer — she would be giving only the reasons why what others propose won’t work. I hope that The Columbian will stop championing Herrera Beutler, or any other politician for that matter. Ask politicians what they will specifically do to correct the many challenges facing our county and our country.

Paul Ward

Battle Ground