Bits ‘n’ Pieces: Web show stars local woman



Everyone in the food service industry has a story to tell. At least that’s the idea behind “Forty Weight,” a new comedic Web series co-produced by and co-starring Vancouver’s Jessica Geffen.

There was a launch party last week, and the first episode will be available to watch online beginning at 6 p.m. Tuesday.

New episodes will be released each week, and they can be viewed at and The trailer is already online.

There’s a cast of about 20 actors playing workers and customers at the fictitious Forty Weight Cafe. In addition to Geffen, several other storytellers are from Vancouver and will share stories drawn from their experiences in Clark County, she said.

They’ve filmed 12 episodes for the first season, with each lasting about five or six minutes. They’re hoping for a second season, Geffen said.

All the episodes are based on real stories shared by food service workers from across the country. The focus is on the relationships among the cafe workers and the regular customers, said Geffen, 28.

“There’s a character for everyone to relate to. There’s an experience for everyone to relate to,” she said.

Vancouver cat owner’s Catropolis vies for prize

Vancouver’s Ruth Bosckis wants to redo her master bedroom, so she has been watching a lot of Home & Garden Television.

Her favorite HGTV designer is Candice Olson. So when Bosckis, a 33-year-old personal trainer, saw that Olson was teaming with Purina Tidy Cats for a Pet Projects Design Challenge, she decided to enter.

Bosckis, who has three cats, decided to take an old dresser from a consignment shop, refinish it and turn it into Catropolis. The kitty city was designed to be an attractive, functional piece of feline furniture with a litter box area, storage drawers, a loft and a sunbathing spot.

“I really wanted something that when you look at it looks good,” she said.

The cats are fans, as well.

“They love it,” she said.

Bosckis is one of 20 finalists in the contest. Through Wednesday, people can go online to to view a video of Catropolis and — if they choose — vote for it to win the competition.

Online votes will be combined with designer Olson’s scores to choose two grand-prize winners, each of whom will receive $10,000, a trip to New York and a chance to meet Olson.

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