Washington state adds jobs, jobless rate barely budges

By Aaron Corvin, Columbian Port & Economy Reporter



Employers in Washington added a net 46,600 jobs in the past 12 months, the state Employment Security Department reported Wednesday, while the unemployment rate in August — 9.3 percent — barely budged. In August 2010, the jobless rate was 9.4 percent

The year-over-year net job growth of 46,600 includes an estimated gain of 53,200 private-sector jobs and a loss of 6,600 government jobs.

An estimated 309,984 people in Washington were unemployed and looking for work in August, and 177,751 of them received $234 million in unemployment benefits. As of Sept. 3, 62,986 workers in the state had run out of unemployment benefits.

Oregon’s unemployment rate was 9.6 percent in August, up just a tick from 9.5 percent in July, the Oregon Employment Department reported.

Jobs numbers for Clark County for August will be released Sept. 20. Clark County’s jobless rate for June was 12.3 percent.

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