Letter: Volunteer to maintain your park



The September edition of the Cascade Highlands (Neighborhood Association) Herald is just chock full of good news.

Not only will there not be a neighborhood cleanup next year, their only solution to the lack of maintenance in Homestead Neighborhood Park is to donate $50 to the Parks Foundation for watering and regular mowing next year. They say that the city’s “volunteer committee” is trying to decide what volunteers can do in the park this year.

The Parks Foundation sealed the fate of maintenance funds two years ago when they endorsed the Vancouver City Council’s vote to divert what was left of the REET tax that paid for mowing, watering, and people performing court-ordered community service in the parks to the waterfront project.

If the city of Vancouver and the neighborhood associations are going to abandon the parks, then I suggest neither get in the way of the residents who have to take on the maintenance themselves. Don’t wait for this “volunteer committee” to tell us we can’t operate a leaf blower safely without city supervision.

I pruned to the capacity of my yard-debris can this morning in my park. I urge anyone who values their neighborhood park to get busy, because if you don’t take care of your park, nobody will.

Bob Koski